What's Included

All of our birthing pools come with the following accessories

  • Your professional Mini or Regular Birth Pool in a Box or La Bassine pool 
  • One professional grade branded sealed Mini/Regular birth pool liner or La Bassine Liner (Not a generic liner like some companies use) 
  • 10 metres of new, disposable, non-toxic hose pipe for filling and empyting your pool.
  • Electric inflation pump for inflating your pool and deflating at the end of your hire.
  • A submersible pump for emptying your pool
  • A selection of tap connectors. If you have any doubts as to whether these will fit please let us know as we have many different types of connector and will be more than happy to send out another type to fit your tap. 
  • A thermometer
  • Groundsheet
  • RCD Breaker
  • Sieve -To remove any debris from the water.                 
  • Comprehensive instructions for how to set up, fill, empty and pack away your pool
  • Round the clock telephone support 
  • All supplied in a reusable heavy duty plastic crate 

In addition to these items we also provide the option of purchasing additional liners for users wishing to use the pool before labour. We also offer longer length hose pipes. 

  • Additional liner £41